I am a dreamer! I cant sit still,  always trying to learn something and always striving to keep up with the changes in this fast pace world. 

I am a mom to my daughter Mia, who is the centre of our lives and our constant source of happiness and contentment.  


I am also traveller, a foodie, and a fashionista.I like things that looks elegant without breaking the bank.  

I am lost for words as to what to write on the About us page and it again holds true for the saying that "the most difficult thing in life is to know ourselves". I could have written here my work , education, and life experience  but I will just bore you so here I would like to tell you a little bit of who we think we are.


I am Pauline, a businesswoman and a registered nurse by profession. I, myself am not technical savvy and always ask friends and family when it comes to technology. I also don't think I am a writer nor a photographer but wait, I cannot just write who I am not, otherwise what is the purpose of this blog if I am not what it takes to be a blogger, duh? What I have is passion and ability to learn, and I would like to show that those "I can't" I will replace by "I can" . I can also say that my life experience has taught me some lessons and insight that i could share with each one of you .

I would like to share with you my blog that would feature our family travels, the food we love, a little bit here and there of my fashion style, and adventures with our little family and people around us. 




Thanks for submitting!