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The Evolution of digital World

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

I don't have a lot of pictures and/or videos from my childhood that i can show to my friends and my now little family. My memories are embedded in my ... yes you got it, my memory. One of my conversations with my mom, i asked, "why don't we have pictures from our childhood?" , and she replied, "We didn't have a camera and you know back in the day, you have a film then you take it to the developer, you wait, pay so much and you looked and it turned out to be over or underexposed, and the videos are in Betamax and VHS" I nodded in agreement and felt sad at the same time. Those were the times when the digital world don't exist. I remember the time when you have to use the old telephone and wait for the other party to answer and have a party line in between. The times when there is no internet and you have to send everything by mail and would have to wait a few months to get a response. The times when you get excited with the showing of a movie in the theatre. Oh those were the days!

I was so intrigued when the internet has been introduced, people were skeptical, The older generation were afraid or the Y2K phenomenon but slowly it has proven that change is difficult in the beginning, slowly, over time people learned, the transition was huge but it did a tremendous turn around, the advent of emails instead of letters or fax machines increased work productivity 100th fold, people are more efficient. so then it has been developed even further.

Nowadays, it is so easy to have documentation of our lives. We can take a video of each and every moment of our lives. We can post it in our instastories or our feed. We tweet our reactions and feelings instantaneously. We perfect our pictures by taking multiple snaps until we find the best shot. We change the colors and lighting of our pictures by opening an app and edit it and voila you have the perfect picture, and you can even animate it, e.g., make the river flow, the wind blows, and you can even produce star dust and rain and snow with a swipe here and there. I was amazed with all these changes and in a very fast paced. A pace I could not even keep up, and probably most inconceivable to some of our parents and grandparents.

Internet has opened a lot of doors to everyone. Social media started from friendster, to myspace and then further developed into facebook. I was a bit hesitant to begin with but i was amazed at the scope it reached. It was 2002 when i found my long lost bestfriend, Miles on friendster. We never lost touch since and finally reunited when i moved to canada and visited her in California. We have kept in touch while our reunion was in the making and were able to fill in the gap on the times we have lost

communication. The development of cellphone to the most iconic smartphones now widened this door opening furthermore, it even opened the windows. Smartphones just made everything easier. You can do anything between banking, internet, shopping, and communicating via text or email whether you are in bed, in the sofa, while watching, in the bathroom or even on extreme places like being in the mountain skiing. Then there are more apps, When Instagram started, i was astonished on how you can show people around the world your common interest. You can look for husband/girlfriend/boyfriend or just friends with common interest with a swipe left and right. When you can use twitter, and the stockmarket would rise or dip based on a tweet by an influential person in the society. Times when newspaper and magazines have been replaced by articles online. It shook the world as it happened quite fast and i have to agree, i didn't realize that a hobby platform could have become the most succesful tool in advertising and marketing. The scope of it is endless, you can relate to anyone in any part of the world anytime, anywhere.

This is the world now, the digital world. I, together with most of the generation X and the baby boomers are still getting a grasp on things and learning how most apps and programs work. Slowly people are watching more YouTube videos, listens to podcast, use Pinterest and instagrams for inspirations, and communicate through FB Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, and Viber and who knows in the next little while, there will be a new one that will be the next new thing :)

What are you in this world of Digital World? Are you all in tune with all the changes? or are you the one that is still learning and trying to keep up with all the changes?

With love,


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