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Honeymoon in French Polynesia

Updated: Oct 6, 2019


After our wedding , we have to hold off onto our honeymoon because ... I am always last minute :P Also, I wanted to go when Mia can at least walk then we don't have to carry her all the time, yes it is a big deal hahaha that she can at least walk and enjoy herself and ourselves.

When I mentioned Bora Bora to Oli, he had to check where it was and he was like its in the middle of nowhere, how are we getting there? and to be honest I also don't have a clue so what I did is I looked for a travel agency after getting info on French Polynesia.

Luckily, I found Tevahine of Easy Tahiti and she answered all our queries and suggested itinerary that suit our needs.

After back and forth emails, Yay were going to Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. All in Intercontinental Hotels.

We flew out of Los Angeles Via Air France and since Mia is 14 months old at the time, they gave us a bassinet and gave us the first row on the plane. It was Mia's firs long haul flight and I was so afraid how she will be especially that the plane didn't leave until around midnight. Luckily, she slept :O

Air France on our flight to Tahiti

Flight is 8 hours and Tahiti is 2 hours behind, so we arrived when it was still pretty dark. the moment we arrived, we already could feel we're in a different country. We were welcomed with Lei's and warm smiles at the airport. It was so humid but a good feeling due to anticipation on what's next.

After sitting for a few minutes and trying to figure out where to go, we saw a banner with our names from the travel agency. the process was pretty smooth and after a few minutes, were on the plane to Moorea. We arrived in Intercontinental Resort Moorea around 11 am, unfortunately we could not check in yet as the room is not yet ready. it would have been nice if a waiting room was provided especially after a midnight flight from Los Angeles. We were then told that we can lounge by the pool but we opted to stay at the lobby while waiting to check in.

An hour or so later... we were able to check in to our room. The room has a very tropical feel and the bed is very inviting especially we have been travelling for over 10 hours already. We either go jump in the bed and sleep or enjoy our pool, have dinner, and sleep early. :) what do you think will be my choice of action? being the FOMO that I am, I opted for the latter. It rained in the afternoon despite the rain, it was beautiful nevertheless.

The following day, the sun is shining and so we decided to explore the resort.

After lunch, we checked some activities we could do and one of the most popular activity in Moorea is ATV ride, however since Mia is quite young, it was not suitable so we decided to rent a car and explore the whole island instead. We stoped to get coconut refreshment along side the road. Went up to the viewing site of Belvedere lookout, drove along the coast and checked Tiki Village Cultural centre, where we pretty much had a private tour as it is not a busy season.

The island is quite small and we were able explore it in 3 hours. When we came back, we simply relax and lounged in our pool.

on our last day, the sun is shining once again and its the for us to leave. its hard for me to leave seeing the blue skies and people drinking cocktail by the pool on the contrary, I am also excited to see Bora Bora.

We were picked up on the lounge by a minivan again arranged by Tevahine of Easy Tahiti and transferred to the airport.

While waiting for the flight, I researched on which side I should be on the plane to see the aerial view of Bora Bora. Luckily, we were one of the first ones to board and was able to pick the left side of the plane.

The flight was almost an hour and the anticipation was building up until this view magically appeared in my eyes.

Aerial View of Bora Bora

Look at that Blue Lagoon, it is really so pleasing in the eyes. The excitement was real, its surreal. A dream come true. From then on... every moment was a surprise. :)

When we arrived, there were kiosks leading to which hotels you will be staying. They will then welcome you with Lei's and take your luggages and directs you to your transfer boat.

This is Intercontinental Hotel Bora Bora Transfer.

It was about a 20 minutes ride but feels like 5 minutes as the air and lagoon color is quite refreshing. As we get closed to the docks, we could already see the people waving at us. We were then lead to the reception where we can seat and look at the beautiful scenery of Mount Otemanu while they prepare our room.

We waited for about 10 min until the receptionist told us that our room is ready. Our luggages were then carried on our mode of transportation, a golf cart :)

We are on Room 127 with the view of Mount Otemanu. I actually don't have a high expectations of the room because most of the reviews I read, they were saying how the room is dated but for me, it is exactly how I envisioned the room to be, it is tropical, lush, and beautiful. The room size is big enough, there is a living room, a tiny work space,a bedroom, a shower, a toilet, a tub which all has a view of the lagoon, and a balcony where we can just jump on the water.

It is really unbelievable, I am in PARADISE. It was so serene, and absolutely breathtaking. The next few days, we have decided to just explore the resort and not leave our hotel. We enjoyed lounging by the pool, swimming outside the lagoon, I was still breastfeeding at the time and so Mia breastfed, naps, and enjoy the warmth and the cool breeze. It is so secluded that you feel that we are Adam and Eve with our little one.

Initially, I was thinking that I will be bored doing nothing but boy, was I wrong. There were tons of activities that you can do on the property like snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, billiards, and the most anticipated event is the sting ray viewing that happens everyday @ 2 pm. It is really so easy to fill you day with stuff to do. but the most important thing that I failed to mention is the act of doing nothing and taking in the magnificent view, the smell of the sea water, the wind blowing on your face, and just relaxing and being thankful of everything.

Mia's first stingray encounter

At night, after our dinner and watching Polynesian shows, we would walk to our room and enjoy the stillness of the night. The breeze of the air that brushes off your hair, and the walks under the stars on a very quiet night. followed by sitting on the balcony star gazing, truly a dream come true.

Nightly Polynesian show

If there is anything I could complain about it is the food selection. It is a little lacking in choices and on a very high price point especially because everything has to be transported to the island. We were glad that we took the half board ( meaning Dinner and breakfast are included) and that saved us a lot of money. Some of the restaurants are also closed when we went (April).

But hey I am not complaining, I like that there's not a lot of people and who can complain to this view each time we wake up :)

Some of the list on my bucket list was to have a stingray and shark encounter, and have a family picture taken by a professional photographer. At that time, it seemed impossible because Mia is too small. I went to the concierge and asked for baby sitters and they recommended Maja from Child Care Services Bora Bora. Being the mom that I am, I wasn't sure as I never had anyone hold Mia other than myself and my husband and because she is also at the peak of her separation anxiety, I was skeptical. My husband then convinced me if Maja come along, would I be more at ease and have a peace of mind. With his suggestion, I could only say "yes, let's try".

The following day, Maja from Child Care Services Bora Bora (@childcare_service_bora_bora) arrived and after she introduced herself, she immediately transferred her attention to Mia. To my amazement, Mia didn't fuss and she immediately liked her. We then got in the boat and started the tour. Maja has been so good that all my worries are gone. She is extremely professional and knows very well on how to look after kids. She came well prepared with books, toys, and stuff that are age appropriate. She is kind and caring, and extremely very good personality and attitude to the kids and of course the parents. We feel so at ease and so as my husband that we were able to carry on the tour with no problem.

It was a bit cloudy on that day but thankfully, our tour guide knows where to go and was able to find nice spots for picture taking. We had beautiful pictures and on the end, he even surprised us with champagne and coconuts. Awesome!!

Because of the great day we had with Maja, we booked her again the following day and this time to a Shark and Stingray experience tour. We opted for the private tour so we would have the exclusivity of the boat and to give us the flexibility to leave anytime :)

It was fun and exhilarating, they are all in the wild and not captured. We even saw a manta ray and Moorea eel during snorkelling. I was able to tick off another one on my bucket list.

To be honest, I would have not been able to do those if not without Maja, she is truly amazing and I totally recommend her. You will enjoy Bora Bora even more knowing your children are safe with her. Thank You so much for such a wonderful experience. :)

After 4 nights, we felt like it was not enough days so we have booked another day impromptu. I suggest not doing that as the cost will be higher and I thought initially that 4 nights is enough but I was wrong. its really hard to leave this Paradise. On our 5th day, we just relaxed and enjoyed the view.

and that concludes our 5 nights in Bora Bora. Time to bid goodbye to Paradise but this one vacation I am sure I will treasure for the rest of my life and I also plan on going back in the next future :)

The last leg of the trip is in Tahiti. We spent the last 2 days in Tahiti as the flight doesn't leave until midnight, we opted to stay 2 more days to fully soak in the experience.

We basically just relaxed and explored the island by renting a car. We visited the market and and went to the museum. During night time we just had dinner by the hotel and watch more Polynesian shows. It was perfect albeit a bit short because the country is amazingly beautiful, it is sad to bid goodbye. It is truly a paradise and a dream come true. That concludes our 10 day trip to the Society Island. Till next time :) Ma ru ru!

With Love,


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