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Four years ago my husband asked me if I would like to go on an adventure and who doesn't want to go on an adventure? I simply replied "of course" then asked him what the adventure was. He then reply were going on a trip to Port hardy which is about 45 minutes flight to Vancouver and I then asked, "to do what?" he said to have a burger. All along I thought he was joking, so I simply went along.

After few weeks, I already forgot about the "adventure" he then asked " let's go " and I so I got ready. We picked up his parents (because they also wanted to join us on the adventure) and proceeded to Boundary Bay Airport.

When we got there, "a friend" was waiting for us, said hello and took us to the runway where we then boarded the ...... yes to my surprise, it was a private jet.

I was excited and scared at the same time because I have never been on a private jet before plus I don't like small planes. After the take off and seeing the magnificent view, I already forgot about my fear and can't stop taking pictures.

We landed in Port Hardy and yes we had a burger and went back to Boundary Bay airport once again.

All along, my husband didn't lie and I asked why "a friend" has invited us? he said, he doesn't know but whatever the reason was, for us, it was such an unforgettable and enjoyable trip :)

With Love,


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