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Mia's Afternoon Tea Party

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

We came back from our 2 weeks vacation for my husband and my daughter's supposedly birthday celebration so that I no longer have to celebrate at home.

But then I realized maybe we should have a simple, close friends celebration to celebrate Mia's 3rd birthday. I talked and had an exchange of conversation with my husband on what kind of celebration we will be having. I also spoke with some friends and family. I have been contemplating on whether then she should have a party or not. As her birthday gets closer, I noticed Mia getting more excited and counting the sleep until her birthday. So then I thought, I celebrated her 1st year and 2nd year birthday when she didn't have a clue of what's happening so why not now that she is more interested in having a party.

I love afternoon tea, my daughter enjoys it a lot, and my husband loves sweets. That is when I decided I want a tea party for Mia's 3rd birthday.

I, then started planning around the third week of October. I looked on Pinterest for some ideas, formulated a vision in my head and started looking for decor and supplies. I sent invites 2 weeks before. Initially 50% of the people replied yes and some maybe's but as the party is approaching about 98% of the people replied yes. I booked our amenity centre but thinking twice as I feel that the place is not suited provided the number of guests that are coming. I asked if we could bring in some chairs and tables. The sad reply we got is"no" and "you can't move the furnitures" so I had to act fast and look for another place. That day, I went around community centres and most are unavailable because it was a Saturday. Mia's teacher then suggested to check a place nearby and so I went and luckily it is available as they had a closure for November 11 which is Remembrance Day ( Her party was Nov 10). Right then and there I secured the place.

The following day, I looked for supplies to rent and buy but I find it too expensive so I started checking thrift shops and literally my jaw dropped to see things I actually needed for the party. I went on panic buying everything I could see, and went around all thrift shops around town.

The rest of the decors were either from dollar store, Michaels, and borrowed from friends :). I was on a mission! After which, I placed an order for a cake and pastries from a friend, Sophie fashion cakes as well as tea sandwiches.

Five days before, I have everything in place:

Location: checked

Decor : checked

Cake: checked

Sugar cookies: checked

Photographer: checked

Pastries: checked

Tea: checked

Afternoon sandwiches: checked

Wait, I forgot an entertainer. Who could it be? Afternoon tea? Who Else then? Mia is a Disney baby and you guessed it we hired Belle from Beauty and the Beast :)

One last thing, Scones are a must for an afternoon party but I could not find one that is reasonably priced for scones so my husband came to the rescue, he looked for YouTube tutorials on scones and he was like, I think we can make this work. That same night, we bought ingredients and did our test batch, and it turned out great :). Fresh homemade scones, there we go.

On the actual party. my husband loaded the stuff in the car, pick up all food while I go with my brother to the community centre to meet friends that offered to help us.

2 hours later and we are all set up and the first guests have arrived.

During the set up, our friend photgrapher came to me and uttered "You did it again! :) " I smiled humbly but deep within my heart is exploding of happiness and I am so proud of my once again last minute plan that worked out really well. I have to say I would not be able to do it without the help of my lovely friends and family.

The Birthday then started, and Mia is so happy. All of her friends came, everybody enjoyed :). For parents, nothing would top that, seeing that sweet joy on her face.

Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) came and the kids were in awe seeing a princess. She then introduced herself, played games with all the kids, told some stories, and danced and sang for everybody. The finale was when she sang "Tale as old as time" and my husband came out dressed in his King outfit and danced with her princess. We were all teary and watched the magical moment between a father and a daughter. The guests and everyone else were taking videos of them. meanwhile, I was teary myself and was looking at the loves of my life and thinking how much I love these two.

The hard work, short planning, countless pins and ideas from Pinterest, back and forth to thrift shops, the effort on all of it is truly worth it and I would not hesitate doing it all over again.

With Love,


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