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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

As humans, we have a strong affinity to material things. I myself is guilty of this. I love clothes! I love accessories! I love shopping!. My husband on the other hand, he keeps his clothes that he had since ages, and I always joke about it and say "you had that since you were 15, right?" and he nodded with a smile. (Lucky him, he didn't gain a lot since) but of course some styles are also 25 years older so then we both decided, ok let's give away some before we can buy new ones.

As we go through our stuff, we each have our own memories to share with it. My husband would tell me a story of how long he has it, and how styles has evolved. Meanwhile, I tried on some clothes myself and did a mini fashion show in front of him and on some clothes I tried, it clearly had the best of me like a mini dress that won't fit my hips anymore, or how short it became ha ha (I blame it on the dryer ;) ) but the interesting part is, there are so many memories in each one of them, especially those that are my "favourites" and sometimes its really hard to let go but there's a rule, we can't buy if we don't free up space. so slowly, I looked and thanked my clothes for being a part of my life and put each ones the box those ones that have been in the closet for over a year that I haven't worn again.

So we have been going through the exercise of cleaning up and sending our stuff over to my family from the philippines to give away to my sister, nephews, niece and other cousins and friends and the rest to be donated to charity.

It is such a nice feeling when my sister tells us a story on who has what and how they wore the stuff proudly and became their favourite and realize that those things that are no longer useful to us can be useful to someone else.

How about you? what do you with your old stuff? Do you donate? or resell? or are you very minimalist and only buy things that are important and would last a lifetime?

please feel free to share me your thoughts and ideas. Leave some comments below.

with Love,


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