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It is only the beginning

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Back in the day, we used a diary to keep a journal of our lives. It is where we can express our thoughts without filters, where we can write our day whether it is a happy or a sad moment in our lives. It is something we kept to ourselves and no one is allowed to read.

Nowadays, people are willing to share more. People have created Blogs, Pinterests, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook where we can share anything and give people a glimpse of our lives.

I always wanted to have a journal, an online blog where I can be myself and write what and how I feel, where I go for vacations, what I do when I'm home, what interests me, my fashion style, my family, my daughter, and maybe even how I feel about certain situations and to express some of my opinions.

I always wanted to …. But I never did. I look online and I say, wow she has documented her life quite well and kinda tell myself, I wish I have done something like that. Once I am home I take a look for my hard drive and slowly scanning the folders and albums one by own to relive the memories. I also created photo books that I look at once in a while but with limited space, I need to put some in the storage. So then I started storing some on facebook and shutter fly, which work out ok but then I was like, it would have been nice if I add a story then I started checking out blog but can I do it? I am not a writer, a photographer, and im not even artistic and for years, I've been telling myself that it is not who I am.

Now, its 2019 and I still think that I want to do it and so I have decided that I will do it and if they can I could too. I am now trying to get out of my shell and try to be the person I want to be, the one I imagined and envisioned myself to be and hoping someday, I would be proud of myself for doing something I always wanted to do. Getting out there and be myself and not thinking what other people might think.

I am starting this blog for myself. I am putting myself out there just to be Me. To show my daughter what we have accomplished over the years, and to eventually look back and tell myself."Yes, you did it!

with love,


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